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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 2

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 2: the second season of Melissa Rosenberg-created series is not quite as solid a followup to the strong first season, but it gets close. The title character (essentially unchanged from the first season) is a solid creation: strong and vulnerable in equal parts, very interesting in her flaws. The main villain is a fine choice, allowing for the show to continue its themes from the first season as internal demons are as relevant, if not more so, than the external ones. It’s refreshing to have such an intriguing gallery of female characters (and it should also be noted that it’s great to have the season to be fully directed by women). The season takes a while to take-off, and some of the side plots feel extraneous (or perhaps the setup for something else in future iterations, but nevertheless the payoffs are generally uninteresting by themselves); also, it’s somewhat distracting that it completely ignores what happens in one of its companion series. Krysten Ritter is very good in the title role; Rachael Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss deal well with the added layers in their characters; Janet McTeer is a very fine addition, mixing threat and care. The series looks good, even if cinematographer Manuel Billeter has an annoying penchant to use odd frames gratuitously.

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