Fifth about The Seventh

Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 2

Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 2: the second season, ran by M. Raven Metzner, retains most of the same issues the first had, but it nevertheless presents some improvement (minor, and maybe already due to habit). The title character still is spoiled, self-entitled, and a master of bad decisions; the main villain is likewise uninteresting, being for all practical purposes his mirror (and therefore sharing all his weak traits). The saving grace, once more, comes from the female supporting characters, who are more interesting and better defended than the male characters. Finn Jones, as the main character, looks the role but is plainly unconvincing, and the same can be said of Sacha Dhawan as the main villain. Jessica Henwick is the strongest cast member; she is given the most interesting character to play, and delivers. Action sequences are improved over the first season, better choreographed and executed, but again the best ones are those involving the female characters.

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