Fifth about The Seventh

Collateral (2018)

Collateral: if one is able to overlook that the large web of connections in this mini-series (directed by S.J. Clarkson) is too pat and convenient, the whole proves to be both powerful and engrossing. The plot is not particularly new (the procedural aspects prove to be rather simple), but it, along with the characters, allows an interesting and critical look at many present-day British institutions. Carey Mulligan has a fine character to play, and she does so beautifully, subtly manipulating her upper-class stoicism; Nathaniel Martello-White and John Simm are solid; so is Jeany Spark in her portrayl of a quiet, troubled mind. Technically, the series is interesting, using many tricks of the trade to avoid any sameness: that goes from some odd frames and smooth long takes (thanks to cinematographer Balazs Bolygo), matching edits to enrich transitions, and smart use of sound design here and there.

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