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Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 2

Daredevil S2Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 2: the second season’s storyline is somewhat less focused, spread in two halves that don’t quite compliment each other too well; however, each one of them is engaging on their own right, which lessens the problem. Another side effect is that it’s less interesting thematically. However, the main characters, as well as the main antagonist, are all very interesting to watch (and kudos for having such a strong gallery of female characters); the cast is once more solid, and the highlights are Deborah Ann Woll and Rosario Dawson (even if Jon Bernthal has a few of the best moments of the season and Elodie Yung has the perfect physique du role for her part). The gritty look and the (mostly) small-scale action scenes are welcome returns.

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