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Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 2

Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 2: the sophomore season of Cheo Hodari Coker’s series retains one of its main strengths and allows protagonists, sidekicks, villains and sub-villains to have some time under the spotlight, resulting in a richer tapestry. By the other hand, this time around there is a glut of self-referential irony, which gets old very quickly. It remains thematically important, but the main characters become less appealing and convincing this time around. Mike Colter owns the role (much of it has to do with his physicality, but his acting is fine as well); Alfre Woodard and Simone Missick’s performances are theatrical, almost caricatures, to the point of being almost unbearable at times; Reg E. Cathey is the strongest performance of the bunch. Some actors laid on thick accents (which may or may not be accurate, but sound too cartoonish); Mustafa Shakir has a strong physical presence, a fine counterpoint to the eponymous character, but his accent is an issue. The fight sequences have a visceral toughness to them. The visuals and production values are top-notch.

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