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Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 1

Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 1: this series, created by Scott Buck and the fourth in a series of series which share the same universe, has at its center the main weakness: the title character is incredibly childish, naïve, annoying, making it a sub-par hero. Finn Jones’s performance doesn’t help matters; he has the physique du rôle, but fails to make any of the character’s traits interesting. The series plotline further complicate matters, with an excess of sub-par, uninteresting villains (Wai Ching Ho is fine, but David Wenham just chews the scenery). The saving grace are some of the supporting characters, played efficiently by Jessica Henwick and Rosario Dawson (who is a staple and the heart of this universe). The action scenes are efficient, but not quite as visceral as they could be.



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