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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs SupermanBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: it would be unfair to say Zack Snyder’s film is completely joyless, as the whole mess, eventually, ends (even if it takes forever to get there, it’s a great relief when it comes), and the presence of Gal Gadot brightens up the proceedings (small as it is, and mostly for the promise of what could be, as well as what may be in future films of the franchise). The story told doesn’t make much sense, in particular the relationship of the two title characters. The large cast is interesting, and mostly wasted; the lowlights are Henry Cavill, who is too stiff, and Jesse Eisenberg, exasperatingly broad. Larry Fong’s images are excessively dark, murky, washed-out; the action sequences are shot, FX-ed and edited for maximum annoyance and minimum clarity. Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer’s score is relentless, loud, tiring.

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