Fifth about The Seventh


Børning: there’s not much pretense in Hallvard Bræin’s action film: the story is undoubtedly minuscule, but there is a lot of exhilarating driving through scenic Norwegian vistas and loud motor roaring. A rivalry (or two) is presented, then it’s renewed, one hour of muscle cars and speed. That level of simplicity also turns out to be a strength, as there are no extraneous, preposterous plot points in play. The protagonist is refreshingly unsympathetic, even if his relationship with his daughter is a hard sell. Both the action and the comedy are, for the most part, kept on a tight leash, more realistic for it. Anders Baasmo Christiansen is fine as the protagonist who cares more about putting the pedal to the metal than anything else (truth be told, that describes most characters); Trond Halbo is stuck with an almost comic-book villain; Ida Husøy has a knowing smile beyond her age. Director of photography Askild Vik Edvardsen and editor Perry Eriksen keep the racing exciting and the vistas beautiful.


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