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Børning 2

Børning 2: in this sequel, director Hallvard Bræin ups the ante: there are more countries driven through, the comedy is broader, the mini-dramas are more histrionic. The story, well, that remains as diminutive as in the first film. Moving the prevalent season to winter allows for a visual change of pace, as well as some originality in the action scenes. The main character, again played by Anders Baasmo Christiansen, is more sympathetic this turn, and the change feels justified, organic. At the other end of the spectrum, Marie Blokhus and Henrik Mestad’s characters became the comic heavy-hitters, in a turn that feels tacked in. The main antagonist, Vegar Hoel, is much like in the first film flat as a comic book villain. Perry Eriksen’s editing, this time around, drags a bit, but partly that comes from the writing. The wintery landscape, captured by cinematographer Askild Vik Edvardsen, is the real star here.

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