Fifth about The Seventh

Suzume (Suzume no Tojimari)

Suzume: SHINKAI Makoto’s animated film expertly mixes a drama of relationships and grief with an adventure in the realm of the fantastic, deeply rooted in some beautiful Japanese concepts. The result is equal parts emotional and exciting, and the easy-to-relate protagonist is a big factor. A young woman who accidentally gets mixed up in a quest to keep large-scale disasters to happen, but nevertheless decided to keep helping: that selflessness is a big factor to explain why her fate and happiness become of paramount importance. HARA Nanoka voices her with great charm and energy; MATSUMURA Hokuto voices her companion during the adventures, likewise rather nicely. The animation is stunning: the environment ranges from sleepy rural Japan to busy Tokyo, and the abandoned spots that pop up every once in a while are creepy but grounded and justifiable; the characters are well-designed and very distinct; and the lighting is particularly well-done. The pop songs and the soundtrack in general, by JINNOUCHI Kazuma and Radwimps, are a good fit.

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