Fifth about The Seventh

Ghosted (2023)

Ghosted: if Dexter Fletcher’s mix of romantic comedy with spy action film doesn’t make much (or any) sense, that’s because apparently, the only goal of the film is to create sexual tension between its co-stars instead of telling a story. The plot follows a hapless man who gets into an imbroglio involving his romantic interest, who happens to be an international woman of mystery. The two stars (and, truth be told, everyone else in the movie) look good, and they do share a sufficient modicum of chemistry; Chris Evans fares a bit better than Ana de Armas both in the action sequences and in the romantic banter, but neither is asked for much. The film, shot by cinematographer Salvatore Totino, looks polished and colorful, but generally non-descript. The many needle drops of the film don’t quite work, and all in all, the package is wholly forgettable and not entirely entertaining.

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