Fifth about The Seventh

Promises (Les Promesses – 2022)

Promises: Thomas Kruithof’s political drama appropriately mixes political ambition, a sense of duty, and a good deal of Realpolitik as it follows a mayor and her dedicated chief of staff as they try to close a contract for the reform of a housing project. It’s mildly exciting but very low-key and, ultimately, low-stakes. The mayor is a believable character, and she is played well enough (but not memorably; this is not a showboating kind of film) by Isabelle Huppert; Reda Kateb plays her right-hand man quietly as well, and his character’s background is explored deeper, making him the most interesting figure. Cinematographer Alex Lamarque gives the film a gritty and dark look; editor Jean-Baptiste Beaudoin keeps the film moving along at a fine pace.

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