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Women Talking

Women Talking: Sarah Polley’s powerful film is quite far from a walk in the park; it is thematically heavy, enraging, and dialogue-heavy, but it’s all handled elegantly. It follows a group of women as they try to figure out what their next step should be as they discover they have been abused repeatedly by the men in charge; it deals with abuse of power, weaponization of religious beliefs, but above all, an unshakeable sense of community. It helps immensely that the dialogue is so enthralling and that the acting is so on-point; the mostly-female cast is in great shape. The film is anchored around five characters: gentle Rooney Mara, ferocious Claire Foy, firebrand Jessie Buckley, and the two elders of the group, Judith Ivey and Sheila McCarthy; they all read the dialogue and react to it so beautifully. Cinematographer Luc Montpellier’s appealing washed-out images of the serene landscape take the tale out of time, a feeling enhanced by Peter Cosco’s production design and Quita Alfred’s costume design. Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir contributes with a great musical score.

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