Fifth about The Seventh

Boston Strangler

Boston Strangler: Matt Ruskin’s account of the famous real-life serial killer and, more relevantly, the pair of investigative reporters that connected the dots, is a very pedestrian affair. The characters are never developed beyond the most basic, and the suspects never get particularly sinister; for a film about a very active serial killer, it is strangely academic and devoid of thrills. Some of the interpersonal issues of the protagonist, sternly played by Keira Knightley, do not evolve in a convincing manner. Carrie Coon is wasted as the more veteran reporter of the duo, and the same can be said of Chris Cooper, who plays their editor. The period costume design, by Arjun Bhasin, and the production design, by John P. Goldsmith, are correct but forgettable. The images, by cinematographer Ben Kutchins, are murky and moody like nothing else in the film. Composer Paul Leonard-Morgan’s musical score is non-descript and heavy.

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