Fifth about The Seventh

Her Way (Une Femme du Monde)

Her Way: stories of mothers that will go to any length for their children are not exactly novel, but Cécile Ducrocq offers something new as she makes the protagonist a prostitute. She knows full well that life can be tough if opportunities are not taken, so when her generally uninterested son is accepted into a good but expensive school, there is nothing that is too much. Laure Calamy is ferociously, intensely good as the main character, a tough-as-nails mother fighting every way she knows how for the betterment of her kid. Nissim Renard, as her son, is quite good, playing the teenager with equal doses of insecurity and rage. The story moves along without wasting much time on peripheral issues, thanks to the efficient work of editor Sophie Reine, who makes good use of cinematographer Noé Bach’s nervous camera.

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