Fifth about The Seventh

The Dazzling Light of Sunset (Daisis Miziduloba)

The Dazzling Light of Sunset: the title of Salomé Jashi’s documentary suggests poetry that barely exists in the film. The film follows a small-town journalist and her cameraman as they cover the local news; as such, the film mostly looks at those small day-to-day occurrences. The town seems, paradoxically, not yet built but already ruined, and those occurrences, with very few exceptions, are neither particularly interesting nor insightful. There is some very subtle political commentary, but it’s also barely there. The style is mostly, but not fully, observational, and it is quite jarring when it switches; that also brings the film to a sudden ending, as if the planned path became all of a sudden unfeasible. The film’s first shot promises some poetry akin to the title, but the camera work (credited to Jashi herself and Tato Kotetishvili) settles down to the usual aesthetics, neutral and observant, efficient but unremarkable.

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