Fifth about The Seventh

Mascarade (2022)

Mascarade: Nicolas Bedos’ film follows a pair of small-time grifters working to step up their game, with a more significant con to set them for life. Naturally, given the nature of the story but also due to the film’s structure, not everything is as it seems and things move in unexpected directions. Some brain-checking at the door is required, as a lot doesn’t really make much sense. The true issue, however, is that no matter how attractive and charming the two young protagonists are, neither is particularly engaging or sympathetic; worse, they don’t compare all that favorably to their victims. The cast is solid: Pierre Niney and Marine Vacth play the two protagonists, both looking great and exuding confidence and seduction. Isabelle Adjani plays his victim, an over-the-hill but still imperious diva; François Cluzet plays the businessman who falls for the beautiful seductress. The film is set on the French Riviera and the production designer Stéphane Rozenbaum creates a number of luxurious houses and apartments. Solid work by costume designer Emmanuelle Youchnovski as well.

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