Fifth about The Seventh

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet (El Perro que No Calla)

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet: while the narrative of Ana Katz’s quiet film is fragmented, the resulting character study still forms a coherent whole, one that is intriguing (due to the directions the story takes) and touching. The protagonist is a young man who chose his beloved dog over all else and lives through every pet owner’s nightmare. The mood is melancholic, in great part due to the black-and-white cinematography (by a large team of directors of photography) and composer Nicolás Villamil’s beautiful musical score. Some of the most transformative moments are portrayed through the use of a simple and effective style of animation, which is both economical and aesthetically diverse. Daniel Katz plays the main character with justifiable low energy, but the character is charming and relatable enough to warrant a good degree of empathy.

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