Fifth about The Seventh

Mali Twist / Dancing the Twist in Bamako (Twist à Bamako)

Mali Twist: Robert Guédiguian’s film follows a young couple in newly independent Mali, an idealist member of the socialist ruling party, and a young woman running away from an arranged marriage. They are a sweet and good-looking couple, well-defended both, by Stéphane Bak and Alice Da Luz, who can light a room with her open and genuine smile. The film, however, spends a lot of time on the underlying political situation in the country; it makes for an interesting history lesson, but the lack of focus subtracts from the film. The film is generally well-made: costume designers Anne-Marie Giacalone and Abdou Lahad Gueye create a number of beautiful and colorful costumes, editor Bernard Sasia keeps the film moving at a pleasurable pace, and cinematographer Pierre Milon captures it all with effective camera work.

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