Fifth about The Seventh

Adolescents (Adolescentes)

Adolescents: Sébastien Lifshitz’s documentary follows two best friends for five years, from when they are 13 until they are 18. The two girls seemingly don’t have much in common (besides, of course, being teenagers quick to pick a fight with their respective loving parents), starting with their family background, but that doesn’t impede their friendship. Their trajectories, due to family issues and their own personalities, eventually diverge, but it’s beautiful to see them grow and start to choose what people they intend to become. The film has superb access to the two young women and their families, and the footage is beautifully captured by cinematographers Paul Guilhaume and Antoine Parouty. Even more impressive is editor Tina Baz’s work; one can imagine the amount of footage generated, and the film builds both protagonists beautifully, jumping from one opposing reality to another, creating parallel narratives that are touching, in isolation and put together.

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