Fifth about The Seventh

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris: Anthony Fabian conjures a pretty and charming feel-good film, as it tells the story of a modest elderly Englishwoman who dreams of buying a designer gown in Paris. The story moves pretty much as expected, with a sweet and upbeat character at its center who, naturally, is a force of good for all those around her. Lesley Manville is very engaging as the title character, a sweet cleaning lady with a hard spine she avoids using, preferring accommodation whenever possible. Isabelle Huppert plays the hard-nosed traditionalist that aims to foil her dreams. Alba Baptista and Lucas Bravo are two very attractive helpers. The film is well put-together, with production designer Luciana Arrighi creating a dreamy (if trash-filled) Paris, and costume designer putting together a number of beautiful and expressive costumes for the many characters. Cinematographer Felix Wiedemann captures it all with bright and colorful images.

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