Fifth about The Seventh

Do Revenge

Do Revenge: high school films have been inspired by Shakespeare, Hawthorne, and Hammett before, so why not a classic story by Highsmith and Hitchcock, as Jennifer Kaytin Robinson does here? The answer, of course, is no reason not to do it; that’s not to say it is as glorious as the original material, but it is entertaining enough. The film doesn’t shy away from the fact that, despite being wronged, the pair of protagonists are still out for (crossed) revenge, which doesn’t make them the most sympathetic; ultimately, the villain is even more despicable, but it’s a delicate balance the film must strike. Acting is expectedly a bit over-the-top; Camila Mendes plays an ever-angry girl who is aware she lost her way in the pursuit of her goals, while Maya Hawke plays well the gangly, awkward lesbian; Austin Abrams is ultra-sleazy as the rich white boy at the center of the social life of his high school. The film goes for a bright, sugary pastel look, and one of the most fun to be had is to guess how preposterous costume designer Alana Morshead can get on how she dresses the characters.

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