Fifth about The Seventh

Bob le Flambeur

Bob le Flambeur: the protagonist of Jean-Pierre Melville’s crime film is the epitome of cool, and characters like him would become a staple in heist movies later on. The story moves at an easy-going pace, allowing for a long introduction of the main character, his cohorts, and the particulars of the night-time Paris world they navigate in. The characters are colorful and about what today one would expect: the old ex-convict gambler (and gambling addict), his right-hand man, a young playboy learning the ropes, a friendly cop, and a young seductress, among others; they are played effectively by the cast, respectively Roger Duchesne, André Garet, Daniel Cauchy, Guy Decomble, and Isabel Corey. The film is very elegantly put together, including cinematographer Henri Decaë’s handheld camerawork, Monique Bonnot’s editing, and composers Eddie Barclay and Jo Boyer’s musical score.

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