Fifth about The Seventh

Mars One (Marte Um)

Mars One: Gabriel Martins’ delicate family drama looks at a humble family of four (mother, father, older daughter, and younger brother) as they face their dreams, hopes, fears, and the harsh reality around them. All characters are given their particular agendas, but what truly makes this film shine is the beautiful relationship between them all. They are a tight-knit family, and any conflicts they may have take second fiddle to the love they feel for each other. The cast is in very good shape, and it is impossible to not mention the main players on equal footing: Rejane Faria, as the worried mother; Carlos Francisco, as the soccer-fanatic, former alcoholic father; Camilla Damião, as the smart and caring daughter who is figuring out who she is; and Cícero Lucas, as the timid dreamer young boy. The film is simply but effectively put together, with editor Thiago Ricarte and Martins himself giving it a good, pleasurable pace.

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