Fifth about The Seventh

45 do Segundo Tempo

45 do Segundo Tempo: Luiz Villaça’s midlife crisis dramedy sees a trio of high-school friends meeting again, for the first time in decades. They each grew to be at a point where neither is fully satisfied. The film is more earnest and heartfelt it may let go at first, even if one of the trio is used more as a comical relief and his story going less explored than the other two. Tony Ramos, as the soccer-fanatic owner of an old and tacky osteria, effectively navigates a few emotional scenes. Ary França, as the foul-mouthed priest, deals well with the lighter nature of his material. Cássio Gabus Mendes, who plays the disenchanted and formal lawyer, is more hit and miss, going stiff sometimes but nailing his more crucial scene. Aesthetically, the pieces of the film are effective but not quite memorable; Dimi Kireeff’s musical score is quite good.

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