Fifth about The Seventh

Ménage (Tenue de Soirée)

Ménage: Bertrand Blier’s satire should be lauded for the frankness that it treats sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular, as it tells the story of a couple that gets entangled with a small-time criminal in more ways than one and forms a love triangle. However, all the relations between characters are abusive, making all characters unpleasant to watch. Also, the story moves in jarring jumps and jolts, in ways that are unconvincing at times. Acting is in a very particular key, but effective for what it is supposed to be: Gérard Depardieu, as the sometimes smooth, sometimes brutal, romantic crook, can spew seductive lines beautifully. Michel Blanc, as the focal point in the triangle, albeit unwillingly, is very interesting. Miou-Miou is appealing and seductive. Production designer Théobald Meurisse puts together some gaudy houses.

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