Fifth about The Seventh


Somersault: Cate Shortland’s romantic drama follows a young woman who runs away from home and, in a small town, tries to figure out what it means to grow up, and how to make the transition from girlhood to adulthood. The protagonist is a very interesting character, a young girl with an angelic face, innocent in her attitudes if not in her experiences, that became a runaway through no fault 100% of her own. It is a winning performance by Abbie Cornish. Sam Worthington, as the ruggedly charming young man she falls for, also creates a complex, confused character, dealing with his own issues. The film has an easy-going, unhurried pace; director of photography Robert Humphreys gives the film strong colors, accentuating the mood of each different location, and suggesting almost a dream-like mood to it all. The same can be said about Decoder Ring’s original musical score.

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