Fifth about The Seventh

The Holy Man (Mahapurush)

The Holy Man: there is a feeling that Satyajit Ray’s satire may be too modest for its own good; the story of a con man preying on the beliefs of those in need of religious comfort never ceases to be contemporary. However, if it was less tight, it would be less interesting; after all, there is no need to dig much deeper into the motivations either of the quack and his helper or the group of men intent on unmasking them. Charuprakash Ghosh is quite good as the fake holy man, talking a mile-a-minute to run circles around his followers; Rabi Ghosh, as his silent helper, is very funny. Satindra Bhattacharya, as the hapless man who wants to fight for his loved one, is both endearing and clueless. Cinematographer Soumendu Roy frames beautifully and moves the camera elegantly, ofter around a crowded tableau. Satyajit Ray also provides the nice music.

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