Fifth about The Seventh

The Ties (Lacci)

The Ties: Daniele Luchetti’s film focuses on a marriage in shambles after the husband confesses he had an affair with another woman. The ties that keep husband, wife, daughter, and son together, or separate but coming back to one another, however, are not of love. The dynamics are fascinating, like watching a train wreck, and the fragmented structure helps. However, the characters are all unsympathetic, which creates a certain emotional remove from the story. The acting is pretty good. Alba Rohrwacher creates a character that both wants distance and proximity from her husband and walks that fine line nicely. Luigi Lo Cascio sells his confusion about the situation effectively. Silvio Orlando, playing the older version of the same character, is the picture of a man who knows he can’t ever win. Cinematographer Ivan Casalgrandi keeps his camera close to the characters, which is good, but keeps it shaky, which isn’t. Editors Aël Dallier Vega and Daniele Luchetti create a fractured experience, changing time periods and points of view, in what is very strong aesthetical choice.

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