Fifth about The Seventh

Paradise: A New Life (Paradise – Una Nuova Vita)

Paradise: A New Life: Davide Del Degan’s film is often threatening to take a jump and become an open comedy, but it is made more interesting by never actually doing that. Instead, the story of a witness rooted out of his environment and sent to an Alpine village keeps a more serious tone, allowing the two central characters to become richer and generally more appealing. The story, alas, feels rushed towards the end, sacrificing some interactions that it was promising earlier on. The casting of the two protagonists is inspired: Vincenzo Nemolato is the picture of an insecure, scared man, while Giovanni Calcagno is his opposite, tall and imposing. The film makes good use of that opposition. The main setting of the movie is very picturesque, even if the cinematographer Debora Vrizzi has a tendency to overlit her scenes.

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