Fifth about The Seventh

Five Times Two (5×2 – Cinq Fois Deux)

Five Times Two: the love story told by François Ozon in this film is out of order not only chronologically, but also in the other sense of the expression. The film opens as the relationship is at its closure, but even as the narrative goes back in time, the relationship rarely feels anything but cold, dysfunctional, and transactional. It is a fascinating and painful experience, particularly as it delves into all the issues each of the protagonists has. Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi is quite good as the long-suffering wife; Stéphane Freiss, as the brutally cold husband, is also a nice presence. The film is aesthetically functional, with cinematographer Yorick Le Saux capturing the action with extended takes; the choice of Italian songs during the transitions is eventually justified, but they are nice songs in any case.

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