Fifth about The Seventh

Arthur Rambo

Arthur Rambo: Laurent Cantet’s film takes a look at the repercussions, both personal and professional, of the discovery that an up-and-coming author is behind a number of extremely virulent and violent texts. The film contains a number of conversations where the whole thing is looked into and displays a large dose of hypocrisy and naïveté by many. It interestingly is non-judgemental towards the protagonist, even if it is clearly judgemental in regards to hate speech in general, particularly when it muddies the line between rightful anger and hatred. Rabah Nait Oufella plays the protagonist well, full of charm and swagger early on and with an increasing dose of tension and cluelessness after the reveal drops. Bilel Chegrani, playing his younger brother, shares a touching scene with him. The film is very tight, with editor Mathilde Muyard not wasting any time as she moves the story forward.

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