Fifth about The Seventh

Perdida (2009)

Perdida: Viviana García-Besné’s documentary is a love letter both to her forefathers and to earlier days of Mexican cinema. They go hand-in-hand since the Calderón family was involved in all phases, from production to distribution to exhibition. The story feels needed, as opposed to simply a self-serving exercise, since (by all accounts) good chunks of it were being forgotten as the old generation passed away. It is an interesting story that includes pretty much everything: familial disputes, forbidden romances, government intervention, and criminal pressure. García-Besné has (limited) access to the family vaults, so she edits a compelling narrative (narrated by herself) that includes many photos, home movies, and footage from television and many many films. There are also a number of interviews, shot by her in a very simple manner, and those may have spotty sound quality.

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