Fifth about The Seventh

Stan & Ollie

Stan & Ollie: Jon S. Baird’s biopic of the legendary comedy duo presents an affectionate look at Laurel and Hardy, mainly focusing on their last tour through England. It is a very narrow slice, but one that brings their dedication to each other and their craft to the front. The film non-judgementally displays some of their flaws but moves on to the good stuff, more often than not. The two loving performances anchor the movie: Steve Coogan, as Stan Laurel, creates an intelligent character that unwillingly sees the writing on the wall; John C. Reilly (assisted by some excellent prosthetic makeup) creates a sweet and delicate Oliver Hardy. They have great chemistry together and are very apt, both with the physical comedy and with line delivery. Nina Arianda and Shirley Henderson, playing respectively Mrs. Laurel and Hardy, share some great barbs with each other and go beyond simply the faithful wives. The film is generally, but not memorably, well-done.

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