Fifth about The Seventh

Agua dos Porcos

Agua dos Porcos: Roly Santos’ film is about a murder mystery set in the interior of Argentina, near the border with Brazil and it includes the usual array of conspiracies and double-crossings. The bigger and more interesting mystery, however, is how this story was considered ready to be told: the plot is confusing, too full of characters with murky and unconvincing motivations, with a protagonist without agency who keeps getting crucial information out of nowhere. To add salt to the wound, its pace is glacial, making the film tiresome on top of everything else. Roberto Birindelli, as the tired cop, is fine if interesting because the character is so passive and uninteresting. Mayana Neiva, Allana Lopes, and Leona Cavalli seem to be there mostly to be in varying states of undress. Cinematographer Vinni Gennaro is trying too hard to get unusual shots, but eventually, he settles down.

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  1. paula bocanera rus

    Aguas selvagens / Agua dos Porcos, excellent film, it doesn’t feel like a Brazilian film. A nice Argentine thriller (they are the best to do it) , well made and with a smart script. good to watch, it grabs you until the end.
    Sometimes the story confuses me, but from the middle all the pieces start to fit together and the ending is unexpected. I won’t spoiler, but only then you will know who are the good guys and bad guys in this movie.


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