Fifth about The Seventh

Bubble (Baburu)

Bubble: Araki Tetsuroo’s film is an adaptation of The Little Mermaid, with anime sensibilities and aesthetics attached to it. There isn’t much to the story of a young man saved from drowning by a girl in a half-submerged Tokyo, but the film makes up for it with outstanding visuals. The characters are well-designed, recognizable, and distinctive, and the world is very colorful but still very reminiscent of the real thing. The parkour races around the above-water part of the city,  an integral part of the action, are exhilarating, dynamic, and shown with continuous, smooth shots which are a beauty to see. The musical score, by Sawano Hiroyuki, is beautiful, and so are the two songs that bookend the film. The voice acting is quite effective, headlined by Shison Jun.

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