Fifth about The Seventh

Comets (K’omet’ebi)

Comets: Tamar Shavgulidze’s simple film is essentially one long scene where a woman visits an old friend after decades away, intercut with moments from a fateful summer when they last saw each other. Still, it is a delicate and beautiful look at relationships and regrets. The performances are quiet, subtle, and filled with stolen glances and silence, but those convey as much of the emotional landscape as the dialogue does. Ketevan Gegeshidze, as the earthy woman who stayed, gets the most airtime and emotional amplitude; Nino Kasradze, as the sophisticated one that left, is nearly as good. As their young versions, Nina Mazodier and Mariam Iremashvili show good chemistry. Cinematographer Giorgi Shvelidze patiently captures the action and the environment, while editor Nodar Nozadze lets the action unfurl as lazily as those summer days in the past.

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