Fifth about The Seventh

Wife of a Spy (Supai no Tsuma)

Wife of a Spy: Kurosawa Kiyoshi, as he tells the story of the housewife of a Japanese businessman who may or may not be a spy during World War II, takes a look at the limits of blind nationalism, particularly as the limits of proper civilized behaviour are breached. It doesn’t break new ground but tells its story elegantly and quietly. The main character, played beautifully by Aoi Yuu, is a young and proper wife who has her eyes slowly opened and her world shaken; it is a subtle transformation she goes through. Takahashi Issey, as her husband, also gives a nice, but less layered and rich, performance. The film is well-paced and well-shot by cinematographer Sasaki Tatsunosuke; both the production design and costume design effectively recreate the time period.

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