Fifth about The Seventh

Three Floors (Tre Piani)

Three Floors: Nanni Moretti’s film tells three essentially unrelated stories, except for the geographical coincidence that all happen in the same building. All three have the drama heightened, but that doesn’t change the fact that not one of them is particularly interesting, well-developed, or satisfactorily concluded. Acting is generally unimpressive, despite the numerous cast; Nanni Moretti plays, against type, a harsh father; Riccardo Scamarcio seems to have a face made for anger and doesn’t do much besides; Alba Rohrwacher, as a troubled new mother, fares better; Margherita Buy is the best presence of the cast, benefitting from the largest screentime and one of the most sympathetic characters. Aesthetically (cinematography, editing, music, production design), the film is functional and little else.

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