Fifth about The Seventh

C’mon C’mon

C’mon C’mon: the story told by Mike Mills in this drama, of a journalist’s rapprochement with his semi-stranged sister and 9-year nephew, is beautiful and touching. The lyrical narrative mixes the story with interviews the character makes with children about the future, but while they are relevant in the way they reflect how the nephew might think and act, they also damage the film’s pace. The acting is pretty good: Joaquin Phoenix, as the emotionally damaged journalist, is quiet and subtle; Gaby Hoffmann, as his sister, keeps the same tone; young Woody Norman, as the peculiarly bright nephew, is charming. Cinematographer Robbie Ryan’s black-and-white images are beautiful, and editor Jennifer Vecchiarello, children’s interviews notwithstanding, stitches the film in a very poetical manner.

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