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Eduardo and Monica (Eduardo & Mônica)

Eduardo and Monica: those who know Legião Urbana’s song (composed by Renato Russo) of the same name already may have a map of how this love story may unfurl; the director René Sampaio, however, fleshes out the characters further, and in the process ends up with a very winning central couple. The romantic genre depends on charismatic characters, and both the young woman and the even younger boy, two very different people, are. The casting is interesting: Alice Braga, as the free-spirited Medicine student, and Gabriel Leone, as the typical high-schooler, are too old for their roles, but they are so charming and own such winning, open-hearted smiles, that it’s hard to begrudge that issue. Victor Lamoglia, as his best friend, is funny in all of his scenes. The production design and the music selection set this firmly in the mid-1980s and cinematographer Gustavo Hadba captures the couple with a good deal with intimacy.

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