Fifth about The Seventh

The 355

The 355: besides its cast, Simon Kinberg’s action spy film offers little that is much new; in recent years, it became more common to have an all-female cast for action fare, but on the greater scheme of things, it sill is novel and pleasant. It helps that the cast is so star-studded, with Jessica Chastain playing the de facto leader of the group, Diane Kruger playing her lone-wolf mirror, Lupita Nyong’o playing the computer genius, Penélope Cruz playing the shrink out of her depth, and Fan Bingbing, the mysterious rival of the group. The performances are simply serviceable, this being an action film after all. The story is way too busy, with double, triple, and quadruple crossings just for the sake of it. The film is typically a globe-trotting affair, even if most of the places don’t particularly matter all that much. The action is a bit on the over-edited side, not quite enough to become a major bother, but still mostly generic-leaning.

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