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Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home: in his third entry with this character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jon Watts matches well the essence of the main character with the adventures he lives. Spider-Man is a high-schooler, a good kid who can be, nevertheless, over his head emotionally and tactically. The story calls for the usual suspension of disbelief, and some things don’t quite align that well, but those are considerations for detail-oriented fans more than anything; the truth is, it is entertaining, emotionally engaging, and the ripple effects to the MCU at large, for once, don’t feel tacked into the film. Tom Holland gets the boy-ish charm of the character down pat, and also plays some of his awkwardness well; Zendaya is quite the charming presence, playing a smart and capable character; Jacob Batalon is once more very funny as the loyal sidekick. The film feels a bit long, but production values are, as is to be expected, top-notch.

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