Fifth about The Seventh

Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange: Scott Derrickson’s film, as an origin story, suffers the usual ailment: they are not novel (in the sense that most origin stories follow a beaten track, not that they are adaptations), and they are as interesting as the character being portrayed. Luckily, the excellent cast makes sure the characters become interesting (much more than the screenplay did). Tilda Swinton’s casting is inspired (matters of whitewashing notwithstanding) and she responds in kind; Benedict Cumberbatch is fine as the title character; and Mads Mikkelsen does the most with his villainous (but small) role; the minor parts are also well-defended by Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film has some very trippy visuals, certainly the most interesting of Marvel’s stable of films; the same can be said of Michael Giacchino’s score.

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