Fifth about The Seventh


Cruella: Craig Gillespie’s reimagining of the classic Disney villainess imbues her with some added dimensionality and humanity; it doesn’t quite mesh all that well with the original animation, but the character makes for a good anti-hero nevertheless. It turns out to be an entertaining, if a bit overlong, experience. Of course, the presence of two performers of the caliber of Emma Stone, as the eponymous figure, and Emma Thompson, as the villainess of this tale, helps quite a lot: Stone is cheerfully chewing the scenery, while Thompson creates an enraging and hateful shrew. Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, and Mark Strong are all fine in their supporting roles. The film looks very good, starting with costume designer Jenny Beavan’s gowns and the make-up and hair-styling work; Fiona Crombie’s production design is also quite good. Everything is captured by the dynamic and elegant camerawork of cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis. Music is almost too much of a good thing (but it’s not, it’s just right): the many, many, many licensed songs are a pleasure to listen to, and composer Nicholas Britell’s original score is also very solid.

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