Fifth about The Seventh

The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan: Thea Sharrock’s re-telling of gorilla Ivan’s true story is typically wholesome and fantasied; its heart is in the right place, but the film is generally too positive and uplifting, without real stakes. That fact reduces its urgency and weakens the message the film tries to convey. The film looks very polished, warmly shot by cinematographer Florian Ballhaus, with efficient production design by Molly Hughes, and well-done visual effects, which creates the animals (that are the majority of the film’s characters) with just a touch of anthropomorphism). Bryan Cranston is fine as the caring and sweet circus owner. The voice acting of Sam Rockwell and Danny DeVito (to name just the two main characters out of a stellar cast) is effective and low-key, helping to give the film its peaceful tone.

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