Fifth about The Seventh

Ride Your Wave (Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara)

Ride Your Wave: this animation, by Yuasa Masaaki, tells a story of great love and greater grief, with a touch of magical realism; it’s done with sensibility, and it’s an emotional journey. The characters could be a bit better developed, but they are all a likable, relatable bunch trying to live their lives in a meaningful and pleasurable manner. Voice acting is solid and efficient, even if the material doesn’t ask for a particularly showy key; Kawaei Rina and Katayose Ryoota, as the protagonists, are certainly charming. Character design is simple yet attractive and realistic; the environment (apartments, cities, stores), however, is wonderfully designed, and the animation of water (a very important element for the film), as well as fire, is very well-done. The musical score, by Ooshima Michiru, is beautiful.

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