Fifth about The Seventh

I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot: the protagonist of J Blakeson’s thriller is as despicable a person as one can imagine, but the ingenious screenplay keeps finding ways to alter your allegiance to her, and that zig-zag is indeed delicious. The film also shines a light on an industry that, even if partially that bad, is truly pernicious. The main character is a really interesting woman: ruthless, ambitious, very determined, but unlikely to abandon that which she appreciates. It’s a great, icy performance by Rosamund Pike. Peter Dinklage, as her foil, is smoothly threatening. Dianne Wiest and Eiza González are fine in their roles, as well. Costume designer Deborah Newhall dressed Pike in clothes that ooze elegance but also control (the hairstyling does the same), two important traits of the character. The film is confidently put together, with effective cinematography and editing.

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