Fifth about The Seventh

ON-GAKU: Our Sound (Ongaku)

ON-GAKU: Our Sound: to say that this animation film by Iwaisawa Kenji is minimalist is an understatement: the film follows a trio of no-good friends as they decide, for a while at least, to put their efforts into forming a band. There is not much to it, except a very low-key, quirky sense of humour. The animation itself is an interesting combination: the backdrops are in beautiful watercolor, with soft colors and very detailed; the characters (and foreground objects), on the other hand, are flat, very simply drawn, and heavily and uniformly inked with more vivid colors. The contrast creates a unique visual style, and the film saves some aesthetical gambits that give it all some variety. The voice acting is very sparse and subdued. The music of the band, basic at first, builds up towards a very interesting and rewarding climatic show.

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