Fifth about The Seventh

Up for Love (Un Homme à la Hauteur)

Up for Love: Laurent Tirard’s romantic comedy is more heartfelt and wholesome than the poster and synopsis suggest, as it defends the idea of pursuing love in spite of appearances. The two protagonists are charming, and it’s not hard to see why one would fall in love with the other; the supporting characters, on the other hand, are less interesting, seemingly there to simply showcase prejudices, empty in any other meaningful way. Virginie Efira gives a fine performance as the luminous, exuberant woman struggling with the relationship; it’s easy to see why someone would fall in love with her. Jean Dujardin, as the minuscule paramour, is almost as good; his self-confidence is intoxicating. Efira and Dujardin have good chemistry and form a good-looking couple. The film generally looks good, with one crucial exception: the special effects that create the size difference between the characters is sub-par, leaving a fake and flat aftertaste.

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